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The importance of focus: 2 questions when evaluating opportunities
For better or worse, entrepreneurs see potential everywhere. It is easy to be drawn into chasing new opportunities. Saying "yes" without asking two important questions first, however, often means the opportunity fails - along with all other projects the entrepreneur may be juggling. Based upon 15+ years' experience with working in/on small businesses, this article addresses the importance of focus and 2 importance questions to ask when evaluating an opportunity.
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The importance of focus when evaluating an opportunity

The importance of focus: consider these 2 questions when evaluating an opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have eagle eyes for spotting potential… a highly valuable trait, but for those who are still “en route” to achieving their goals, this ability can be more of a curse than it is a blessing.

Over the past 15+ years working in and with small businesses, I’ve unfortunately seen more companies “go under” than thrive.  A common thread behind the failures?  Lack of focus.  Or, more specifically, the in ability to say “no” to opportunities amidst investing in another.  In their straying off-course, I have sadly seen leaders burn-out, lose incredible staff or spend all money in the business, as they attempted to bring every opportunity to fruition.  This article discusses how many leaders can to anything – but they can’t do everything… and provides two important questions to consider when evaluating an opportunity.  Read the full article here.


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