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Operations - MOGL
MOGL makes it easy to access MBA-educated business on a part-time, on-call or temporary basis to get small business operations work done (systems, processes, budgets, projections, logistical support).
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Get it done:

Operations work
Operations are...

... the nuts and bolts of how your business produces and delivers its products / services. This includes: people, material, equipment, facilities, transportation... and how communication flows between each. Your systems here directly influence customer experience, the quality of your offering, profitability, and employee engagement. Without good operational systems in place, growth will be an uphill battle.

Where do you wish speed, capacity, profitability, quality or experience would improve in your operations?

  • Onboarding new employees?
  • Preparing winning proposals?
  • Following-up with new leads?
  • Delivering your service?
  • Engaging with vendors?
  • Retaining customers?
  • Communicating with stakeholders?

MOGL helps businesses improve speed, quality, experience and profitability

What operations projects need attention in your business?


When you lack the time or resources to do everything,  call MOGL to strategize, execute and implement your operations needs.

Good systems take time…

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Examples of Work

Read how businesses in Ottawa and across Canada rely on MOGL for operational execution

Customer Experience

Quality of experience and final product are a match

Problem: great product but chaotic collaborations

Looking back on your client projects, you love the product your team produced – but the client’s happiness was soured by the experience of getting to that product.  Missed deadlines, budget issues and communication struggles meant you lost profitability and – even worse – the client likely won’t return.


Call MOGL.  Tells us where the problems are – or let’s do a workflow mapping exercise together – and identify the areas in your processes that need improvement (or creation).  We may discover that the client just needs more information upfront (an onboarding pack? an explainer video?), or an email “check-in” template that’s easy to send to the client each week, or even a simple time-tracking system that warns the team when they’re nearing the limit of budgeted hours.  


When you do great work but the experience of working with you isn’t great, rely on MOGL to help analyze your processes, identify opportunities – and execute them for you.

Internal Communications

Everyone is “on the same page”


Problem: repeated (but infrequent) projects cause chaos

Although infrequent, certain situations repeatedly arise where full-team coordination is required… but each time, everyone forgets what to do and the resulting chaos creates stress.


Hiring is a good example – you have the forms somewhere, somehow the business cards need ordering, someone needs to update your website, for some reason you never get time to talk with the new hire about your vision, mission and values, something always comes-up and the team never gets the formal introduction to the new hire that they deserve.



Call MOGL.  Communication transparency can have a huge impact on your relationships – internal and external to the business.  Let’s evaluate the situations that cause chaos, looking at your current process (if one exists) and where you want it to go.  From there we’ll identify the necessary actions or process improvements needed.  It may be creating a simple checklist, enhancing your employee manual, automating the assigning of tasks to team members every time you hire someone new… whatever is needed, MOGL can do it for you.  And if you already know what needs execution, even better – MOGL can jump-in immediately and update your process pronto.


Either way, rely on MOGL to help streamline your approach to certain situations – and increase team happiness by getting everyone on the same page.

Growth Logistics

Seamless expansion with attention to detail


Problem: there’s no time…

An opportunity just arose to acquire a small business – one that will augment your own.  It is what you have been preparing for and you know what needs to happen, but your current business requires complete attention: you have very little capacity to take advantage of this opportunity.



Call MOGL.  Let us help you execute this acquisition.  With your top-down direction, let MOGL coordinate the valuation, negotiation, sale, lawyers, accountants, change-management plan… that will make this opportunity a reality, and grow your business.


Don’t miss an opportunity simply because you or your team don’t have capacity.  For as much or as little support as you need, count on MOGL to be your focused, right-hand-man that executes this vision for you.

Budgets & Forecasts

Budgets that forecast and forecasts that plan


Problem: how will goals be achieved?

You have a financial goal in mind for the next three years, but no formal budget and forecast in place that defines how this goal will be reached.  There isn’t any clarity on the number of sales, the pricing, the staffing, the overhead or the profit margin involved in making this goal happen – or determine if it is even possible.



Call MOGL.  Lets talk about your goals, cost drivers, capacity, price elasticity, cash-flow needs… then MOGL will build spreadsheet scenarios to demonstrate if/how your goals can be brought to life in the timeframe you need.  From there, we’ll identify any further marketing, systems, HR, and financial activities that need execution (which MOGL work on for you) in order to start actively working towards your goal.  


Without execution, strategy is just an idea.  Don’t let your goals be just ideas… use some MOGL hours to build-out a budget and execute a plan for making your goals a reality.

We know how many “hats” you wear to run the business – no job is too big or small for MOGL… even if, amidst the chaos of deadlines, what you need most is stamp licking (true story!).  


No matter what, consider MOGL an your on-call extension to the team.  We roll-up our sleeves to help you get operations tasks done and better Manage, Organize, Grow and Lead.

What do you want to delegate and get done?

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