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Look for your business bottlenecks & learn how to fix them - MOGL
Process bottlenecks are a common problem that many growing small businesses face - though they can be difficult to identify. Workflow mapping is a great tool to help small business owners understand the "big picture" of what they do - as well as give insight into how and why bottlenecks occur. This article discusses the importance of workflow mapping, as well as how to generate solutions once the bottlenecks have been identified. If small business owners don't have the time to do it themselves, they can purchase MOGL time to have MOGL execute the analysis - and even implement the solutions.
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Identify bottlenecks and other process problems with your Ottawa small business

Look for your business bottlenecks & learn how to fix them

As small businesses grow, processes once-developed for a small team can quickly become outdated.  A common process issue that arises is the bottleneck – a “point of congestion in a system when workloads arrive at a given point more quickly than that point can handle them.”*   


Bottlenecks are a “weak link” in the steps a business takes to get a product of service to a customer… and can decrease sales, production, employee morale or customer satisfaction – or all four!


Diagnosing and fixing at bottleneck can appear difficult and time-consuming but, when done right with process mapping tools, most small business owners find it an illuminating experience.  This article discusses the bottleneck: how to identify it and then evaluate the right “prescription”.  Of course, if you would like help with this analysis, MOGL would be delighted to lend a hand.  Schedule a call and tell us what you need to learn.



Read the full article here.

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