Tool #1: Employee Cost Calculator

Download the Spreadsheet

Do you know what an employee actually costs you, out-of-pocket, each year?

Making solid business decisions is tough – especially deciding if/how/when to hire an employee.  This “new employee cost calculator” will take about 10 minutes to complete and arm you with strong metrics for evaluating your next hiring decision.


Calculate the tax, salary, recruiting, training, management, insurance costs of hiring a new employee (and more!).

If hiring is on your or a client’s horizon, this employee cost calculator will help shed light on the complete picture of employee costs – from taxes, benefits and WSIB contributions, to opportunity costs, vacation days and about 20 other items.  Use it to make a plan: calculate what you can afford and see the actual # of workable hours you’ll receive.


(Note: we’re not accountants or HR specialists here at MOGL, but we did speak with several about this and even had a bookkeeper review the spreadsheet.  They all agree this is a critical decision-making tool).


We hope this is of value as your business grows!

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