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Turn around high-risk customers: from churn to earn

Dear customer: how may I annoy you today?

When small business profits or margins are low, what do business owners and managers typically do?  Get more customers? Get customers to buy more often? Get customers to buy more with each purchase? Get customers to pay more (raise prices)?   While these four techniques help increase what comes...

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40 small business benefits you can offer to attract top talent

Small business benefits used by top employers

Have you heard about the National Capital Region’s Top Employers?  These are the 30 best employers in Ottawa, based-upon their approach to: Physical Workplace Work Atmosphere & Social Opportunities Health, Financial & Family Benefits Vacation & Time Off Employee Communications Performance Management Training & Skills...

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MOGL: small business referrals

May I refer a client to you?

  What do you expect when in a referral relationship?   Referrals come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple sharing of contact details to the walking of a client through the door.  Within this range, expectations can vary widely - in terms of values, branding, service and commissions...

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4 simple exercises to rekindle your business passion

Does running your business leave you feeling run-down?    We get it.  We feel it too.  It can be tough at the top – even if your pyramid is only one block tall.  When feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, insecure or pressured about your business, here are 4 simple exercises to reset your internal...

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We can't always provide every service to every client - but we can always be their best resource

Be your client’s go-to resource

Professionals can’t always provide every service for every client… But they can always be their client’s best resource.   If you are a small business service provider and see your clients struggling with business execution, refer them to MOGL - show that their needs are your top priority,...

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Calculate the true cost of hiring an employee

Calculate the long term cost of hiring an employee

Some decisions cost more than we realize - hiring an employee included.  Did you know that in the first year of recruiting (if you do it yourself), hiring, taxes, benefits, vacation pay, statutory holidays, onboarding, training, managing and retaining a new employee, you will likely...

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