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Case Studies - MOGL
Download MOGL's free tools to help your small business. Read how MOGL has helped one Ottawa small businesses win large, national contracts. Download a free spreadsheet to calculate the costs of hiring an employee - and evaluate if hiring is right for you. Call MOGL Small Business Services to help your small business Manage, Organize, Grow or Launch.
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Case Study #1:

Stratos Inc.

Enhanced focus & successful proposals


Stratos Inc. is based in Ottawa and is one of Canada’s leading environmental and sustainability management consultancies. As a small business with 15 employees, read how Stratos uses MOGL to:


  • Enable employees to focus more on billable work
  • Reduce employee workload during the “busy season”
  • Increase the quality of its proposals and likelihood of a win
  • Promote employee peace-of-mind and happiness
Get the Stratos Case Study

Tool #1:

New Employee Cost Calculator

Do you need to grow your small business?
Are you considering hiring an employee?


Before you hire, calculate the true costs of employment:

  • Defining, writing and posting the job description
  • Vetting, interviewing and hiring the candidate
  • Training and setting-up for the new employee
  • Taxes, benefits and equipment
  • Holidays, sick days and vacation days
  • Ongoing management, payroll and retention
  • Employee dismissal obligations

It can be tough when employment costs arise that you didn’t expect.  Get the full picture, before you hire: calculate the true costs of hiring.

Download MOGL’s FREE New Employee Cost Calculator.

Should your small business hire an employee?

Examples of Work

Read how small businesses in Ottawa and across Canada work with MOGL

Business Development

Respond Quickly to new opportunities


the Government just posted an RFQ that is perfectly suited to your business… but your team is currently working at maximum capacity – they cannot take-on all the work of responding to the RFQ.


hire MOGL to support or manage the interpret-format-create-proof-submit proposal process; keep your team focused on present responsibilities, while MOGL helps fill your pipeline for future opportunities. 

Write a Compelling Business Plan


you have a vision for growing your business, but funding agencies can’t read your mind – they need a strong, evidence-based strategy before providing a loan.  Unfortunately, business planning and pitching for funds are not your area of expertise.


hire MOGL to listen to your concept then articulate a compelling business strategy / canvas / plan that represents your goals and supports your funding application.  MOGL can even accompany you to the pitch, demonstrating strong team expertise (and providing moral support!).

Find the time to grow


an opportunity just arose to acquire a small business – one that will augment your own.  It’s what you’ve been dreaming of and you know what needs to happen, but your current business requires complete attention: there is no capacity to take advantage of this opportunity…


hire MOGL to execute this acquisition for you.  With your top-down direction, let MOGL coordinate the valuation, negotiation, sale, lawyers, accountants, change- management plan, etc… that will make this opportunity a reality, and grow your business.


Implement your marketing strategy


you have been planning your business launch for months, but the “to-do” list is still long and your time and marketing experience is short: website content needs creation, press releases need writing (and dissemination), inaugural pricing packages need clarification… the entire launch promotion plan needs finessing.


hire MOGL to support, design or execute your pre and post-launch strategy.  Delegate as many marketing tasks as you need; use MOGL for your copywriting, promotions and PR tasks, enabling you to focus on what you do best as you launch your business.

Assess your Communication Process


you invest significant time writing proposals for potential clients, but the conversion rate is painfully low.  You don’t know why people “drop-out” after seemingly great conversations, and after receiving your beautiful proposal…


hire MOGL to analyze how, what, when and why you communicate with prospective clients, to assess where you could save time (or should focus more) and, if you’re interested, to actually implement the suggested changes for you.

Write Interesting, Professional Documents


your small team produces several high-profile, public-facing documents a year.  As engineers, you excel in your area of expertise… but are not the most compelling writers.  Sometimes documents are published with less-than-perfect grammar, punctuation, cross-references, or arguments.


rely on MOGL as your objective, third-party review before any important documents are shared with the public.  Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the quality of your writing now reflects the quality of your work.


Analyze processes & develop solutions


your business is expanding, but your software isn’t keeping up and your team is drowning in outdated processes.  You know work could be performed far more efficiently – and you know there is a solution… but no-one has the time to research and find it.


use some MOGL hours to map your core business workflows, identify concerns / opportunities, create a software selection criteria, then research the software that will best meet your needs… MOGL can include your team throughout the process, but relieve them of the burden of “leg-work”.

Streamline your hiring and training process


you have a team of 15 employees and turnover is average – but when someone leaves you can’t afford a full-time HR person to manage the re-hiring/onboarding process.  As a result, there is no structure, clear responsibility, accountability or formal process when a new employee joins the team.  This leads to confusion and frustration, “gaps” in the new employee’s knowledge and even exposes you to liability claims.


use some MOGL hours to create an easy-to-follow (and track) system for onboarding new employees.  MOGL will gather all of your documents ever used to onboard new employees, organize the information, identify and fill procedural gaps, then create an easy-to-follow structure that everyone follows each time a new person joins the team.  Structures can be basic checklists, or online shared team documents.  This is a simple process that few employers focus on: yet doing so will relieve pressure on your team and impress the new hire when they join!


Ongoing strategic analysis


your business strategy should never be “set in stone” – it should consistently be assessed against client, competitive, environmental, societal and technological influences of your industry.  Yet, do you have the time to conduct a full, 10,000ft-analysis of your strategic position, performance, potential and direction?  Do you know which tools can help you make important business decisions?  Most small business owners do not.


work with MOGL to conduct a formal strategic analysis of your business – receive the important information that you need to make decisions, while delegating the research to MOGL. Feel confident knowing that successful frameworks (such as Porter’s Five Forces, Benchmarking, Balanced Scorecard, Growth-Share and Nine-Box matrices) will be used.

A business-savvy “sounding board”


as a solo entrepreneur, decision-making can be tough.  The responsibility for “being right” (or the consequences for getting it wrong) is daunting and a heavy weight to carry alone.


keep MOGL on-call to discuss business ideas, get someone to play devil’s advocate, give a second opinion, high-five your highs and commiserate in any lows.  Having an on-call business lifeline can be a critical success factor for entrepreneurs.


Knowing the many “hats” required to operate a small business, no job is too big or small for MOGL.  If you also need help with office logistics, travel arrangements, stapling, even stamp-licking, MOGL rolls-up-its-sleeves to help you get the work done and Manage, Organize, Grow or Launch.

What do you want to delegate and get done?

Tell us about your needs and we’ll assess how we can help