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Business Development - MOGL
MOGL makes it easy to find part-time, contract or on-call help to get business development work done in your small business. Access flexible, MBA-educated business experts to write proposals, execute plans and more.
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Get it done:

Business Development work
Business development is...

... creating long-term value for an organization. It is figuring-out how customers, markets, and relationships interact to create opportunities for growth. It is the execution and implementation of your business model and strategy (because strategy without execution is just an idea).

What business development projects are getting pushed-aside?




Where in your business is execution needed?

  • Filling your pipeline:

      • Do you have a strong proposal “win” rate?
      • Can you afford losing billed hours to respond to an RFP?
      • Do you have the time / resources to bid on every opportunity?
      • Does the quality of your proposals reflect the quality of your work?
        “No”?  MOGL can help get this done.


  • Engaging in your relationships:

      • How do prospects, customers, employees, vendors and stakeholders experience your business?
      • What is their level of trust, respect and appreciation of each other’s value – and of yours?
      • Does every point of contact influence the people you want, in the way you want?
        Could these areas use improvement?  MOGL can help execute this.

  • Performance analysis, projection and implementation:

      • What are the financial implications of various choices?
      • Are there opportunities for reaching new customers and markets? Generating more value with existing customers?
      • Could a strategic relationship expand your business capacity?
      • How well are you fulfilling your financial projections (or do you have any)?
      • How does feedback (reports, surveys…) indicate you should modify strategy – and are you doing it?
        Need to know these things?  MOGL can shed light on them for you.

When you lack the time or resources to do everything,  call MOGL to strategize, execute and implement your business development needs.

Never stop developing

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Examples of Work

Read how businesses in Ottawa and across Canada rely on MOGL for business development execution


Do business with the Government

Problem: busy resources

You just found a Government RFP that is perfectly suited to your business… but your team is currently working at maximum capacity – they cannot take-on all the work of responding to the RFP.


Hire MOGL to support or manage the interpret-format-create-proof-submit proposal process; keep your team focused on present responsibilities, while MOGL responds to the proposal, filling your pipeline for future opportunities. 




Act-on potential opportunities

Problem: it takes too much time

You know of several opportunities in the private sector where your business could really add value and win a bid – but it takes forever to prepare a proposal.  There is no “master template”, content is spread across 20 different documents, formatting is inconsistent and information is outdated.


Hire MOGL to create a proposal template that eliminates busywork, speeds up client approvals, and frees-up more billable time for your team. We’ll assess the nature of your proposals, evaluate the content you currently have, then create a uniform template with which you can turn-out proposals in a fraction of the time.


Problem: the proposals aren’t converting

You invest significant time writing proposals for potential clients, but the conversion rate is painfully low. You don’t know why people “drop-out” after seemingly great conversations and after receiving the proposal you invested so much time in…


Hire MOGL to analyze how, what, when and why you communicate with prospective clients in your proposal. We’ll assess messaging, value clarity, readability, credibility, relevance and potential engagement for your audience, then implement the suggested changes for you so the template is ready to use at the next opportunity.



Secure new contracts

Problem: your “win” rate isn’t great

Your proposals look like a quote (numbers with a few paragraphs of background information) or just fragments of relevant content… positioning your organization to bid on price – rather than value.  The quality of your proposal doesn’t reflect the quality of your work; when clients receive your proposal, they almost say “that’s it?”.


Hire MOGL to re-engineer your proposal template into a beautiful and influential demonstration of your business’s value that compels prospective clients to say “yes!”.  Your proposal becomes a logical, engaging and stand-alone sales tool that excites prospects to work with you – supporting better conversion rates.

ENGAGE EFFECTIVELY (with customers, prospects, stakeholders & the public)

Engage with customers

Problem: growing through your existing customers

It’s easier to grow a business with the people who already use your product/service, than it is to grow by convince new people to try you out. Did you know: 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated? That 55% of consumers would page more for a better customer experience? And that a 2% increase in customer retention can have the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%? It can be hard to find the time to create and implement engagement strategies that increase frequency, volume or $-value of purchases made by existing customers.


Hire MOGL to execute your customer engagement changes – make their experience with you simpler and easier to understand, as well as more anticipatory, experiential, insightful or responsive. This can be as simple as a 2-minute explainer video for how to do the stretches you recommend, or formalizing a way to ask what other products / services they would buy from you. With MOGL, get excited about engagement and use it support business growth.




Engage with potential investors / funding agencies

Problem: creating a compelling business plan

You have a vision for growing your business, but investors and funding agencies can’t read your mind – they need to clearly see why your business is a smart and safe investment.  Unfortunately, there is a gap between what you know “in your gut” and what you can represent on paper


Hire MOGL to listen to your concept then articulate a compelling and evidence-based business strategy / canvas / plan, maximizing your chance of funding success. MOGL will create financial forecasts that reflect the potential of your vision and that provide funders with the information they need to make a decision. MOGL can even accompany you to the pitch, demonstrating strong team expertise (and providing moral support!).




Engage with the public

Problem: writing interesting, professional documents

Your small team produces several high-profile, public-facing documents a year. As engineers, you excel in your area of expertise… but are not the most compelling writers. Sometimes documents are published with less-than-perfect grammar, punctuation, cross-references, or arguments..


Rely on MOGL as your objective, third-party review before any important documents are shared with the public. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the quality of your writing now reflects the quality of your work.

ANALYZE (performance and opportunities)

Calculate the financial implications

Problem: what is the most profitable decision for the long-term?

You are considering a change to how your business charges for its services… but which option projects the greatest profit potential? You would love to dig-into this project, but you and your team just don’t have the time nor Excel experience to run this kind of analysis.


Call MOGL. We’ll create spreadsheets that run various scenarios, project outcomes and assess the pros/cons/risks of each option. Get the information you need to make strong financial decisions, without getting weighed-down by the details.




Evaluate your options for growth

Problem: where are the opportunities – and which one is best for business?

You feel there is opportunity to expand your reach – with existing services to new customers, or with new products services to existing customers. But what substantiates that belief? What actual feedback do your customers give, what does the market indicate – and what is external environment influencing each?


Call MOGL. Tell us what you want to know before making your next move – and we’ll conduct the research and analysis to inform your decision (then help implement it, when you’re ready). This may involve implementing a customer survey, evaluating your internal capacity (such as with a SWOT analysis), assessing the external environment (such as a competitive, PEST, Five Forces or Blue Ocean analysis). Get the analysis you need to make and implement sound strategic decisions, without getting weighed-down by the details.




Enter into a strategic partnership


Be it with marketing, supply chain, technology, or finances, you see value in establishing a mutually-beneficial partnership with another company… but feel daunted knowing all that should be addressed before entering into the partnership, in order to maximize your chance of success.


Call MOGL for support defining and validating your need, establishing “fit” criteria, targeting potential partners, performing due diligence, negotiating the agreement, generating rules of engagement (especially with communication, coordination and sharing of results), developing goals, and measuring outputs. The right alliance can increase your market share, reach, leverage or capacity – but these are not to be taken lightly or quickly, and require substantial “elbow grease”. When you can’t afford to lose sight of current tasks, MOGL is an easy extension to your team that can focus exclusively on the partnership project (with no long-term obligation).

We know how many “hats” you wear to run the business – no job is too big or small for MOGL… even if, amidst the chaos of deadlines, what you need most is stamp licking (true story!).  


No matter what, consider MOGL an your on-call extension to the team.  We roll-up our sleeves to help you get business development work done and better Manage, Organize, Grow, Lead.

What do you want to delegate and get done?

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