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Be your client's go-to resource - MOGL
Being a client resource is the new level of customer service and engagement; it shows clients that their needs are your top priority - even if you can't solve every one of them yourself. It reinforces your value and makes you a true solution-provider. MOGL is a trusted partner to many small business service providers, such as lawyers, accountants, coaches, designers and bankers. MOGL's always puts your client relationship first.
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We can't always provide every service to every client - but we can always be their best resource

Be your client’s go-to resource

Professionals can’t always provide every service for every client…

But they can always be their client’s best resource.


If you are a small business service provider and see your clients struggling with business execution, refer them to MOGL – show that their needs are your top priority, even if you’re not solving every one of them yourself.


Becoming the go-to person for clients is an important step in customer engagement.  It reinforces your value and makes you a true solution-provider.  Even when the work is beyond your scope, you can still provide a valuable service: connecting clients with additional solution providers.  When clients see you have their best interests at heart, they learn to further trust your advice – turning to you again and again for help.  There’s and there’s no better position than that!


Being a resource is the new level of customer service and engagement.


You have to be no less than a customer concierge, doing everything you can to make every one of your customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard… to make people who aren’t your customers wish they were.”- Gary Vaynerchuk, “The Thank You Economy”


Cultivate a helpful state of mind.  When your small business clients are overwhelmed by their workload, help them get work done.  Tell them about MOGL’s hands-on, by-the-hour, business services.


It’s easy to get started: 


  1.  First, look out our services.  Use our suggestions and your knowledge of the client’s business situation to understand how MOGL could potentially help.


  1.  Contact us (link).  Let’s discuss what you think your client will need, assess the situation, and determine if it’s a good fit.  If so, then you provide a formal MOGL introduction to your client.  The collaboration begins, you receive frequent progress updates and your client gets critical work done.


MOGL values the relationship you’ve built with your client – and the trust you place in MOGL, by making the referral.  Rest-assured we will honour this trust, reinforcing your brand, value and relationship at every step in the process.  Referral relationships must benefit you, as much as the client!


If you would like to read how other small businesses have worked with MOGL, download this case study (link, form).

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