Let's talk about what you need. Business development and marketing? Operations? Administration? Hire an extra pair of business-savvy hands to get the work done.



When - and only when - you need it.


About - MOGL
MOGL owner, Erin Hamilton, has over 20 years experience working in, on and with small businesses around the world. Erin understands and has plenty of experience wearing the many "hats" involved in growing a small business. Her experience, combined with her Bachelor's degree in International Business and Spanish, and her MBA (with a focus on entrepreneurship), enables her to perform nearly any business development, operations and marketing task that a small business could need.
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About MOGL
We believe in helping small businesses leverage the competitive advantages of their size: flexibility, passion, independence and best-in-niche potential.


We believe in the right to succeed, truthful conversations and inspired action.


Business Can be Better

Our unique approach arises from two convictions:

Long-term obligations can be a severe burden;

small businesses should be able to access and pay for business talent when (and only when) they need it.

There’s a better solution to how most companies invoice;

pre-purchasing “blocks” of time ensures small businesses never have to worry about invoice-creep, and vendors never have to worry about chasing payments.


Our story…
MOGL is a nimble, hard-working small business based in Ottawa, ON. Established in 2013 in response to countless requests for strategic, hands-on small business help, MOGL hit the ground running with a direct, roll-up-your-sleeves approach to solving problems and getting work done.  
MOGL’s grounded, fundamental business knowledge and experience helps small businesses manage – organize – grow – lead… no matter the industry.
Coaching / therapy
Management consulting
Information Technology
Physical therapies
Medical geology


Erin Hamilton, Owner

Erin Hamilton is a business-savvy entrepreneur with global expertise. Born in Canada and raised abroad, Erin spent the early part of her career working with startups in Peru, co-owning a trail building business in Montana, and managing international operations for an adventure travel company.

Over her near-20 year career, Erin has worked in/owned small businesses and is intimately familiar with the many hats involved in managing a small business. She has worked with and helped businesses in many industries, including tourism, construction, natural health & wellness, leisure, mental health, home safety, conservation, design and more.

Erin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (with a focus on Marketing, International Business & Spanish) and a Masters in Business Administration (with a focus on Entrepreneurship).

Think you have what it takes to become a MOGL?

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Read how one small business uses MOGL’s flexible time, affordable rates and business expertise to consistently land major government contracts.