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4 simple exercises to rekindle your business passion - MOGL
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4 simple exercises to rekindle your business passion

Does running your business leave you feeling run-down? 


We get it.  We feel it too.  It can be tough at the top – even if your pyramid is only one block tall.  When feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, insecure or pressured about your business, here are 4 simple exercises to reset your internal barometer.


  1. Find your old notes, business plans or marketing ideas
  • Give each a good read and think back to when you first wrote it. Remember that sense of excitement? That vision? That feeling of potential?
  • Consider these questions: were you right? Were you wrong? Looking back from today are there any ideas or insights that you may have missed in your greener days? Can you see how far you’ve come since then?
  • Sometimes it’s hard to see progress when we’re “in the woods”… once-in-a-while it’s important to step back and get perspective


  1. Re-associate good feelings with what you are doing 
  • Why did you decide to be a small business owner?  What elements do you love?
  • What positive feelings did you get, looking through those old plans?
  • What have you done, learned or experienced since starting that you are crazy grateful-for?
  • Sit with these thoughts for at least 15 minutes.  Let them flood your mind.
  • Tip (learned in yoga, in fact!): if you find yourself remembering negative experiences during this time, imagine attaching those negative thoughts to a kite, and flying that kite into the high branches of a tree – out of your reach (and out of your current thoughts).

If these negative thoughts still feel really important to contemplate, schedule 5 minutes to think about them before your next 15-minute positive-thinking session… where you’ll imagine climbing up into the tree and hold-onto that “negativity kite” for 5 minutes.  Only.  Then, when the 5 minutes are up, imagine climbing back down and give yourself the space to think positive thoughts for another 15 minutes 🙂


  1. Create your dream list: 2, 5, 10 years down the road
  • What do you want to have: a nice car? Cottage on the lake? Caribbean vacationing in January?
  • Who/what you want to be: what kind of life do you want to lead?
  • Now break it down: what does this mean for your business? Can you get there in 2 years? 5 years?  What do you need to do, to get there – annually, quarterly, monthly – even weekly? You can accomplish a lot in 10 years… think big.
  • The more clearly you map-out out your dreams, the more positive you become – and the likely you are of making the right decisions to get you there.



  1. Think critically about issues causing the most stress
  • If it’s driving you crazy and the reward just isn’t worth it – consider dropping it.
  • If you can’t drop it, then assess where you are lacking and commit to a plan that will give you the time or knowledge needed to resolve that stress.
  • If you can’t do it yourself, start looking for others with whom you can work, to “fill-in” the areas you need help with.
  • Stress rises when we’re faced with the unknown. Don’t let your imagination dictate your attitude: picture the worst case scenario, then a slightly better scenario, then a neutral one… keep improving until you can envision the absolute best possible outcome.


People want to do business with people who are passionate and confident.  So, developing and maintaining the right mind space is critical to your personal and your small business’ health. Good habits and dreaming big will keep your spirits up – helping setbacks become lessons and improving your likelihood of success.


Have a wonderful day!


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