Let's talk about what you need. Business development and marketing? Operations? Administration? Hire an extra pair of business-savvy hands to get the work done.



When - and only when - you need it.


MOGL Small Business Services
MOGL enables Ottawa small businesses to access MBA-level business expertise on a part-time / on-call / temporary basis. On-site or remotely, business owners delegate important, strategic projects and tasks to MOGL - relieving the workload so they can Manage - Organize - Grow - Lead their businesses.
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Why Ottawa Small Businesses Love MOGL

Access experienced, MBA-educated business talent on a part-time / on-call / temporary basis.  

Get an extra pair of business-savvy hands to execute work when – and only when – you need it.

Stay flexible

Subcontract to a local business expert; avoid the long-term responsibilities and costs of hiring an employee.  Delegate important tasks, projects and work to a trusted, competent, focused expert.

Get it done

Received great advice but have no time to execute? Get business development, operations and marketing work done.  Add MOGL’s 15+ yrs of small business experience to your team: on-site or remotely.

Keep to budget

Buy 10 MOGL hours… or 40, or 100. Choose how and when MOGL works-off that time: all at once, or once-in-a-while.  Get projects done affordably, on time and watch your business grow.


Case study: read how one small business uses MOGL’s flexible time, expert execution, and affordable rates to consistently land major government contracts.

The Mogl method

Working with MOGL is flexible, affordable and easy:

Pre-purchase a “block” of time: 10, 40 or 100 hours.

MOGL works-off that time on your business needs.

Use your MOGL time all at once, or once-in-a-while.

Weekly Progress Reports to keep you in the loop.

Check out our pricing

All at once:

One big project: as much or as little extra involvement as you need.

Once in a while:

Business development, marketing, operations, strategy and administration.

Once in a while:

Writing, reviewing, managing, analyzing, fulfilling, discussing, meeting...

What do you want to delegate and get done?

Tell us your needs and we’ll assess how we can help

The MOGL Mogul

Weekly insights helping Ottawa small businesses Manage – Organize – Grow – Lead

Featured Post:

Featured Post:

Calculate the true cost of hiring an employee

Some decisions cost more than we realize; these costs should (but seldom do) play a significant role when deciding whether to move/remain or hire/do it yourself.

In this article, you’ll find a tool to help you with one of these decisions: a calculator to determine the true costs of hiring & retaining an employee.  With this spreadsheet, you can calculate if/how/when hiring an employee is right for your small business (and budget).

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Downloads & Resources
Employee Cost Calculator

Employee Cost Calculator

Determine the true cost of a new salaried employee

FREE Consultation

FREE Consultation

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